Back Up All Your Important Law Data

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We can not predict what will happen to your data, we think we already do the best for protecting our customer’s and employees data by managing it traditionally – with cabinets full of paper, equipped with a password lock in a locked room and no one else has the key and passwords except you or storing it on a computer under your desk or in the back room. None of those solutions protects you from natural disasters or criminals.

Unfortunately, you are aware that anything in a room or on a computer can be stolen or destroyed – locks can be broken, keys can be lost, computers can be hacked or crash and there are many other bad things that can happen to your important documents. Before you can judge these things you still need to add the difficulties with searching your documents to find information you need among those reems of paper.

With all these reasons, business owners need to welcome the innovation of cloud computing with management free technology and begin to save their data in the protection of the NexStep cloud for small and medium sized business organizations.

Using Cloud Storage for Document Management

NexStep is in the predicting business. Here’s our predictions for small and medium sized business organizations: Our secure network becomes a virtual mirror of your in-house system and our security system is better than yours. Your data is available to you anytime, from anywhere — either as a backup to the traditional backups, or as a front-down application in real time. We worry about the details so you can concentrate on the big picture: running your business.

If you are responsible for backing up your in-house system this conversation might sound familiar.

The usual Friday lunch at Chompies was always fun, and occasionally informative. But not this one. Two other members of our little group, small firm office managers, pretending to be IT managers for their employers, had lesser-horror stories before it was my turn to tell and cry.

“Your turn, Sammy,” our facilitator of the month said.

“Well of course. I had back up. How was I to know that the tape would fly out the back of the van when the door popped open?”

“Why was that such a big problem; didn’t you have a copy of the tape back at the office?”

“Well of course, but how was I to know it was blank in that section?”

“But you check the tapes, don’t you?”

“Well of course. I try, but sometimes there are other more important things that need checking, that’s true for all of us, right? You know, printers that won’t print and macros that taste like coconut.”

“That’s sad, Sammy, pretty sad.”

“Well, how was I to know that the entire network would crash at the exact moment Ms. High and Mighty herself would buzz me and ask for that particular report?”

“So, Sammy, what’s your solution?”

“Well, like the rest of you, I have too many little things to worry about to spend my time worrying about the virtually impossible. You just can’t predict things, can you? So, I moved the whole deal to the NexStep Cloud.”

With NexStep cloud computing, businesses can store and access their important information anywhere and anytime without worrying the data will be stolen or lost to an unpredictable circumstance.