Cloud Based Technology

law firm technology

Cloud based technology is the innovation provided by NexStep in changing traditional businss management to a more modern style using law firm technology which will bring you more advantages as a business owner.

One of the true advantages of law firm cloud computing is helping legal practitioners to helping managers accessing their company data anytime and anywhere. Running a business will no longer require you to be bound to your office with stacks of paper. It will give you free access to a more flexible mobility, and save you from working in the office on weekends.

Advanced Technology in the Law Firm Cloud Computing

Imagine this scenario. It’s Friday night and you just got home. It was a long week at the office—stuff happens in offices. The deal you thought would close on Wednesday broke down on Thursday, and Friday was even less promising. But the weekend is here! Starts now!

Ominously, the little red light on your home office-phone is blinking. Your assistant’s end-of-the-week voice is depressing. As she was leaving the office an hour ago, a man in a suit dropped off a revised deal proposal that your so called friend on the other side of the bargaining table said was dead. Cheerily, she says she just wanted me to know and “be sure to have a nice weekend.”

Translation, you’ll have to trudge back downtown and deal with it tomorrow morning. If you were using NexStep’s cloud technology, you would have access to all your data in the cloud maximizing your mobility. With the NexStep Cloud your assistant would have digitized the revised proposal draft on her way out of the office, posted it on NexStep, and you’d be reading it now on your laptop at home.

Office free technology means logging in to your NexStep and having your law firm in the cloud, reading the revised proposal , modifying it, saving the changes, and emailing it back to those guys on the other side. Office free technology means doing all this remotely, securely, inexpensively, and from anywhere BUT the downtown office.