Achieving Successful Business with Cloud Migration

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What is one of the most common concerns among those who are contemplating to migrate their office operation to the cloud?  Regardless whether you are in the IT industry or in any other industry, obviously you have pondered on the question if Cloud Computing is right for your organization.

The great news is that for many IT decision makers, it has been their opinion that migrating to the cloud is just the right solution for their organization.  Here are some things to ponder on if you are still undecided.

Compatibility Comparison

In one study conducted by a software vendor involving 270 respondents, as high as 95% of them believe that Cloud computing is extremely compatible to the operation of their organization.  In particular, it took into account how suitable Google Apps and Office 365 is to what they are trying to achieve.

In a head-to-head comparison, 44% of the respondents believed that Google Apps suited their system very well, while 39% favored Office 365.  In fact, only about 1% complained about Google’s poor suitability compared to roughly 6% for Microsoft.

When it comes to the overall cloud solutions for their specific organization, 40% believed that these solutions suited their organizations’ needs very well with 55% of the respondents believing that cloud based solutions went well for them and only 1% considering the cloud migration as a very poor choice.

Security Considerations

If you are in one of the more traditional industries like the legal profession for example, one of the primary concerns when it comes to cloud migration would have to be security.  There are too many security related concerns to disregard like the confidentiality of client information for example.

This is why it is important to look at the security success for enterprises when we evaluate the cloud office migration decisions.  In the same report, respondents averred that Google provided more security for them when they migrated their operation to the cloud.  As many as 57% of the respondents cited security concerns with the Office 365 as compared to only 37% for Google Apps.

Business system integration is likewise a critical factor to look into and the respondents made it known that they had more difficulty dealing with the Microsoft platform compared to Google.  It should be noted however, that the percentage of respondents that had difficulty with the integration of their business systems were relatively low at 22% to 29% only.

Although security is a concern that should never be neglected, it should also be noted that there have been significant headway gained in terms of security protocols for cloud-based solutions.  The more important consideration perhaps is the suitability of the solution.  With the study focusing mostly on medium to large businesses, there is not much representation for smaller enterprises.  What has been established though is that security is extremely important.

Key Point Considerations

On a brighter note, as many as 54% of the respondents were satisfied that less effort was needed to manage their storage requirements including implementation of data recovery measures.  Those who attributed to get things done faster to the cloud migration accounted for 67% of the respondents.

These two key points became the critical considerations for the study’s conclusion.  Noting that shifting the applications to the cloud is also creating a shift in how IT professionals are doing their jobs.  This impact cannot be neglected as cloud technology is expected to dominate computing implementations in the years to come.

With such broad impact on the applications and the minimal fees that have to be shouldered by enterprises, it is not surprising that many would simply opt to offload their applications to the cloud.  Such innovation would surely empower business and make them more productive.

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