Choosing a Safe Storage for Your Document Management

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In the computing world, is there really such a thing as safe? Put this in the context of document management and cyber attacks and you will see just why opting for Cloud storage can be considered relatively safe.

Given that the Cloud has had its share of outages, but so has every known enterprise IT system on the planet. Now, take into account all of the major malware attacks and system intrusions during the past few years, how many systems have fallen prey to this? Did you know that there has been no major Cloud computing provider that has been victimized for the past few years?


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If you are somewhat aware of what is happening in the IT world, then you would know that computer systems from the United States all the way to the Ukraine are not spared from cyberattacks. In fact, many systems have succumbed to the Petya and WannaCry attacks.

These are no simple attacks. For example, WannaCry holds your precious data hostage by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of computer systems running on older versions of the Windows operating system. But why are businesses running older versions? The simple reason is economics. You have to pay for the upgrades, which does not come cheap if you are maintaining a fleet of computer systems in your company.

Unfortunately, these security loopholes are exploited to spread these malware infections. There are also many business enterprises that have users that do not adhere to the best practices of IT security. Many users would often click on links despite its dubious or questionable source. This is the simplest way that system infections start.

What makes the Cloud different?

The Cloud is a safe haven for computing because providers make sure that operating systems are updated and have the latest security patches. The staff are highly trained and consciously aware of security threats making them proactive rather than the reactive response from most businesses.

Despite the renewed diligence and vigor shown by many enterprises in recent years to beef up their IT securities, the attacks are still successful against them simply because their security protocols fail in comparison to what Cloud providers can deliver.

False Security

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There is a false sense of security in having your computer systems onsite. Many enterprises still believe that it is better to be able to physically touch and control their computer systems rather than having them run on the Cloud.

This belief is what puts most businesses in trouble. The reality is that many IT organizations even delay the implementation of new technologies because of this false sense of security. The idea of having their computer systems being managed by others who are far from reach does not sit well. But you have to realize that threats to security do not always come from the outside.

The truth is that even if you are using public Cloud, you are still safer compared to onsite systems in terms of attacks and security breaches. Why is this? The security layers delivered by Cloud providers are designed to deter attacks and monitors traffic so that only authorized access can get in. Updates of operating systems and applications are automatically done to ensure that the latest security patches and fixes are implemented without even bothering the user with its details.

With onsite computer systems, the cost of implementing high levels of security is most of the time too costly. Many organizations are not prepared to invest in such security measures because these are not deemed as critical to the operation of the business. This is the kind of reasoning that makes cyberattacks possible for onsite systems.

Inspecting Security

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If you would do an honest-to-goodness assessment of onsite computer systems, you will see that there are deep and alarming issues that cannot be solved overnight. In most instances, the problems would require extensive manpower and system resources to resolve. This would mean additional budget and capitalization for the company.

This is just too much when Cloud computing can deliver higher levels of security for document management and data storage at the fraction of the cost. There is no need to be concerned on the training of the IT staff or updating of software and operating systems. All your business has to do is to focus on what it does best and what it needs to do to make your business succeed.

These are the simplest reasons why Cloud computing is your best option secure your business. In choosing a safe storage for your document management, opt for a management-free system that will increase your efficiency and productivity.

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