Why is Cloud Computing Essential for Attorney and Law Firms?

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As data and knowledge abound in the information era, more concerns arise regarding security and privacy issues. With many now going paperless, digital data becomes an important asset to an organization, most probably yours too.

More law firms are considering a cloud-based IT solution to sustain their business. But what are cloud computing advantagesover your current digital system? And how can you ensure a smooth transition? Well, read on how cloud computing can save you of many headaches in the future.

Cloud Computing Advantages

  1. Access From Anywhere

You don’t have to get someone at the office to send you that important file. With a cloud service, you can access your data from anywhere, from any device, simply with an internet connection. You get more flexibility while increasing your productivity.

  1. Security

Do you realize that cloud computing is actually more secure than your own digital data protection? Cloud computing providers definitely employ the latest and best security and compliance technologies than individual companies. Cyber attacks or physical breaches are no longer an issue as your data is more secure outside the walls of your organization with a good cloud computing provider.

  1. Improved Client Experience and Satisfaction

This one is pretty obvious. More and more law firms are taking advantage of their cloud-computing platform to enhance their client services.

  1. Increased collaboration

Your team members can access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere, doing more together and better. Updates can be performed in real time and everyone knows the current progress.

  1. Work from anywhere

With cloud computing, you can bring your office to the client. As more cloud services offer mobile apps, you can work from home or service your client with a tap in your smartphone.

cloud computing advantages

Cloud Computing Benefits

There are also cloud computing benefits you can expect from such a service. Moving to cloud computing may include the some of the points mentioned above, but there are great reasons to speed up the transition:

  1. Lower Capital and Operation Cost

There is absolutely no need to purchase new expensive hardware or the latest software. Leave it to the IT experts. All you need to do is keep your login details safe, everything else is covered and done your cloud provider.

  1. Cost Efficiency

When your law firm works with an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) company, you are moving ownership and management of physical server assets to a dedicated, experienced managed service.Cloud computing services have the advantage of larger scale operation and an economy of scale that allows for lower cost of system implementations and upgrades. A team of experts can service many clients at a lower cost without sacrificing qualityand performance.

  1. Improved Compatibility

Even when you don’t have a dedicated IT team you no longer have to worry about compatibility issues among industry standards (e.g. Apache, PHP, MySQL) – a task that is often time-consuming, cumbersome and has many potential glitches.

  1. Minimized Downtime

This is definitely one of the top importance of cloud computing. Many top platforms have an excellent uptime record, teams of experts available 24/7 to monitor the system and to respond quickly in case of emergency.There’s also redundancy built into these systems so even if there’s a failure in one part of the network the system will continue to function.

  1. Comprehensive Backup and Data Recovery Plan

A great cloud computing provider will have a comprehensive backup and data recovery. Sudden power outage, system failure, and other disaster recovery methods are well prepared for secure protection of your data and business activity.

  1. Scalability

With cloud computing, you can easily scale up your business by adding new users or features without a change of hardware or performance as they are all done by your cloud computing service provider.

  1. Seamless Integration

Not only your data but other cloud-based services your team may have been using – like Dropbox, Drive or Google Calendar – can be seamlessly integrated. You can keep on using these tools while raising up productivity.

  1. Continual Support

You get full support for your cloud services compared to having to provide support when purchasing your own hardware and software in house. With a cloud hosting provider, your system is always running smoothly and you’ll have technical support always at hand.

  1. Competitiveness

Do you know that moving to the cloud is one of the simplest and fastest ways to keep up with the big boys in the industry? A world-class technology coupled with more business agility mean you can compete with the giants and possibly disrupt the market, winning your share of the market.

cloud computing advantages

Cloud-Computing for Attorney and Law Firms

Looking at the advantages and benefits of cloud computing above, you need to seriously consider the switch to the cloud.

Your firm is entrusted with valuable and highly confidential information. Therefore, moving your data to the cloud is the best way to improve security over critical information. You need to carefully consider this to protect your reputation and relationship with clients.

NexStep offers cloud-based technology and provides remote computing services for your company so that you can focus on your core competencies. Contact us now for a more detailed information on how we can help your business maximize profitability.


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