Combining Technology and Data Storage

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Small businesses are getting more powerful with the introduction of affordable technology solutions that empower them to compete with virtually any size of business competitor. The impact of technology and data on today’s small businesses cannot be denied as owners run their businesses and take advantage of new opportunities from virtually anywhere.

All of these is achieved by leveraging the business capabilities combined with the gifts of Cloud technology. What else can combining technology and data storage do for businesses?

Transforming Businesses

small business cloud computing

Did you know that there are roughly 28 million small businesses in the United States alone? These are responsible for more than half of all the sales that are carried out throughout the county. However, these small businesses are facing a variety of challenges. Foremost of which is the need to simplify and streamline business operations.

Data solutions are seen as the answer to the challenges that these businesses are facing. Let us take the case of the traditional cold calling approach. This business strategy is basically a hit and miss attempt at finding potential customers. It is not only a very tedious and tiring process, but rarely will it lead to customer retention, which is the goal of every sale. After all, what businesses want is to have a repeat order from multiple customers.

By modernizing the approach, data solutions will provide the sales force with the ability to analyze customer data. The stored data when subjected to current technology can provide information that will allow the sales people to target the warmest leads possible.

In this aspect, social media plays a crucial role. In fact, the socially engaged leads commonly go through the buying process 25% faster than traditional lead generation strategies. For companies, this translates to 22% higher revenues because socially engaged leads are easily transformed to customers.

Mobility of Data

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By making data available via the Cloud, you create telecommute workers who are more flexible, competitive, and effective compared to the traditional worker who is confined in the four corners of the office.  How effective is this?

A study revealed that employees that telecommute at least twice a month or work from home have the ability to complete 13.5% more sales calls than those who are cramped up in the office. In a 9-month period, this translates to a savings of $1,900 at least from the spending of the company for every employee. Imagine how much savings your company can generate if you have 10 employees working from home.

When you use Cloud technology, your company will generate additional savings because there is no longer any need to print as much. Cloud storage solutions replace not only the need to print, but also use calendars, sticky notes, and other similar paper-based solutions. Overall, the technology is also better because it can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

This is possibly the reason why the private Cloud adoption jumped from 58% in 2015 to 71% in 2016. On the average, 1.5 applications are run on public Clouds compared to the 1.7 on private Clouds. There is also the savings on the labor costs of your company. This is why 82% of companies that are running Cloud-based solutions are reporting savings.

Better Accounting

cloud computing in accounting firms

The Cloud even delivers powerful accounting systems that will make it easier for companies to keep track of even the most complicated financial transactions. These applications are designed to eliminate errors, which result in the increased efficiency of handling business interactions.

The Cloud-based accounting solutions can be deployed across a number of platforms and accessible from both mobile and desktop computing systems. Migrating should not be a problem for most companies because most accounting programs can be readily integrated to the Cloud solutions.

By using this solution, the problem of messydata collection is resolved. The use of digital data capture makes it easier to go through the steps of the business process, thereby empowering small businesses. The data can even be captured in a number of formats that can be easily read, organized, and analyzed even from your smartphone.

By combining technology and data storage, you can dramatically change how your small business operates.  Contact Keycom Cloud to take advantage in combining cloud computing technology and data storage for your business efficiency.

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