Secure Data Collaborations with Cloud Computing

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It is undeniable that cyber security is one of the greatest concerns of businesses. The cyber criminals today are so focused that they continue to probe and scan for system vulnerabilities just to identify potential breaches. For any company, security will remain as one of its biggest challenges because the threat comes both from the outside and the inside.

Today’s workplace is dynamically changing in such a way that we are now able to collaborate outside the corners of a physical office. Does this make the issue of cyber security easier? Obviously not, so here are some cyber security tips in business collaboration.

Never Mix Files

never mix files

People and organizations are in a happy of simply saving both personal and work files all in one place. This is ill-advised because work files are often the target of cybercrimes and if you have your personal files stored in the same place, you are opening yourself to more trouble. It does not matter if you don’t have a sex tape of yourself, but the personal information can give cybercriminals more bullets to intrude into your personal life.

If you are using Cloud apps, make sure that your business account is separate from your personal one. If both personal and work files are stored on the same device, make sure that they reside on different directory paths or as far away from each other as possible.

Strong Passwords

strong passwords

There are some people who have the habit of using the same password for all their accounts. This can be disastrous for your business even if you keep your work and personal accounts separate. In a 2016 investigation of data breaches, it was discovered that 63% of breaches were caused by weak, stolen, or default passwords.

There is a reason why unique passwords and login credentials are a must for all members of your business. A password that is exposed even just once can have tremendous security consequences for your business. This can result in identity theft, credit card fraud, and a host of other malicious actions against you and your business.

Verify Email Addresses

verify email addresses

Have you ever experienced being in a hurry and finding out later that you have sent an email to the wrong address? This is not something unique. A lot of people have done these numerous times because of various reasons. What can you do to avoid this? Due diligence is really the key. Make sure that you double check the recipient of the email before you send it out. Verify that you are using the right domain, which can be easily missed. You can inadvertently use .com in place of .org or .edu for example.

Protect Sensitive Files

protect sensitive files

What do you do when you send out files that are too large to be shared via email? Normally people will use consumer-grade services like Dropbox. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but, if you are sending sensitive files, this kind of service may not deliver the type of protection that you need. Despite improved security protocols, this type of service does not have file-level security mechanisms needed for sensitive data protection. This can expose your business critical files to the eyes of prying competitors and be misused.

Secure Storage Devices

secure storage devices

It is common for people to use their storage devices at airports, restaurants, or taxis. This can be a problem if the storage device contains sensitive information. The same can be said for your smartphone, which may contain the contact numbers of business contacts or your personal financial details. This emphasizes the importance of having the ability to erase the contents of your device remotely so that anyone who gets possession of it will not be able to get access to your sensitive files.

Do Not Share

do not share

This is in the context of the common practice of sharing devices with friends and family. Although people may not like it, this is better for your sensitive information because other people may not be too keen on cyber security as you are. Remember that predators are opportunists and this may just be the opening that they need to put your cyber information at risk.

Staying Safe Online

staying safe online

Bottom line is that you can collaborate online without having to worry about security threats. The important thing is to be aware of how these tips can reduce the actual risks. The first line of defense will always be the use of user privileges and encryption for your files. This will protect your files from unauthorized access even if it falls into the wrong hands.

With businesses seen as becoming more dependent on online collaboration, cyber security become a huge priority. If you want to make sure that your sensitive information is fully secured, Contact Keycom Cloud to get the secure cloud computing technology in assisting your business against data criminal.

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