Finding the Right Cloud Computing Provider for Your Business

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How do you know that you are choosing the right digital storage company? With data being the lifeblood of enterprises in this digital age, having the right storage solution becomes a priority. Properly stored and safeguarded data is as precious as gold especially if it can be accessed by the right people anytime from anywhere.

The Future

At this point it would be wise to realize that the future is in online data storage. This is evidenced by the high adoption rate of businesses to flash-based storage solutions. There is no indication that there will be a decrease in the use of this type of storage solution.

If online data storage is indeed the future, then it pays to know whether you have the right storage solution or not. The future of businesses would definitely ride on these data and once they understand how it can be used to equip their needs and deliver better services to their customers, it becomes one of the best income generating strategies for them. So what questions should you be asking?

Large Scale Backup

Why should you ask the service provider its ability to handle large scale backups? This establishes whether they have the right infrastructure to handle and protect your data. This question also goes into uncovering whether the provider imposes file limits, bandwidth limitations, or storage restrictions. It is important to establish that the service provider is ready and capable of supporting the expansion of your business.

Physical Storage Location

Ask where the physical location of the data storage is. Despite having the data stored in the Cloud, the physical location of the servers is equally important. You have to know whether the physical location has the necessary security mechanisms in place. What if the data is in another country? Are you aware of the laws covering data privacy in that country? This question also goes into establishing data ownership.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Data security and disaster recovery are related, but two different components. There are providers that can adequately secure your data, but do not have a disaster recovery plan in place. This means that you may experience substantial downtime in case of natural or man-made disasters. The right service provider will be able to guarantee the availability of your data. A disaster recovery plan goes beyond simply backing up your data, it should have alternative sources of electricity as well as backup servers in place. Bottom line, is the service provider prepared to respond to your worst case scenario?

Data Accessibility

Is the data accessible to all authorized employees? The right service provider should be able to efficiently balance between the delicate issues of security and accessibility. This is necessary if you want to be successful in this digital age.

Essentially, the reliability of the data becomes useless if it cannot be accessed by the right employees across a variety of platforms. The key here is to ensure that data can be accessed whenever and wherever it is needed. This holds true regardless whether you have a global workforce or not.

This question also helps you identify the uptime and downtime scenarios for your chosen service provider. It will also include the ability of the provider to execute real-time updates without affecting data availability and accessibility.


So what does this all mean? In summary, to ensure that you have the right Cloud storage solution for the needs of your business, it should specifically be dedicated to the needs of businesses and equipped with the right tools to execute large scale backups.

You should also have access to more than adequate amounts of storage space so that it does not become an issue as your business grows. More than adequate security is a must to protect not only against data vulnerability, but against the worst case scenarios.

Finally, the data should not only be available to all authorized employees, but must also be accessible all the time.

Now that you know the questions to ask, contact Keycom Cloud to understand the benefits of remote cloud management for your business benefits!

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