Take Infrastructure as a Service to the Next Level

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Cloud technology delivers many benefits like increased storage capabilities, improved flexibility, and cost management among others. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives enterprise-level businesses the capability to become more effective through the use of virtual machines, management of networks, and creation of apps.

The IaaS is the Cloud computing stack that provides management of the companies own platform with the assistance of management tools from the architectural level. Users can manage and control their application, middleware, operating system, and data and at the same time manage storage and servers. So in essence users control the software from virtual machines while providers manage the corresponding IaaS hardware.

Providers are starting to move up the stack, offer databases, and other services, which analysts commonly refer to as IaaS+ services. These allow access to the IaaS services as well as other platform services, which means companies can turnover database or email management to the provider with employees still managing raw codes for software creation.

A key management feature of IaaS is its dynamic flexibility and scaling because providers maintain the servers, storage, and other physical hardware allowing companies to add or remove any infrastructure based on their actual needs. Additional infrastructure can be offered at any time from any location.

Infrastructure as a Service

The IaaS IT support is responsible for the maintenance of servers, storage, and even load balancing, which means the users will be able to focus more on the essentials of their own platform and software. This translates to increased efficiency for all industries using IaaS.

The building you own VM is also an option since users have maximum control of the virtual infrastructure. The great thing with IaaS is that you can tailor fit your virtual infrastructure without the overhead costs or the complexities of hardware maintenance.

Since you are in control of your virtual infrastructure, platform, and software, identity, and access management also fall on the shoulders of the company. The companies should be able to efficiently manage their own platforms, applications, and all other aspects associated with the virtual infrastructure.

In order to take IaaS to the next level, you need to strategize your Cloud migration. This gives you the benefits of scalability, cost efficiency, and improved application performance. This can be done through Rehosting, Replatforming, Repurchasing, Refactoring, Retire and Retain.

Selecting the right Cloud provider also becomes essential because their capabilities should align with your company objectives. What are these business objectives? These can include:

  • Boosting productivity;
  • Scaling applications;
  • Protecting data;
  • Facilitating collaboration;
  • Managing infrastructure;
  • Empowering innovation; and
  • Reliable backup.

In essence, as a company, you need to look not just at the technical gains from Cloud migration and IaaS, but also business specific gains like higher customer retention for example.

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