Internet Activity in Our Everyday Life

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Just how much of our daily activities rely on the Internet? Are you aware that as much as 73% of businesses are using Internet of Things (IoT) data to help boost their business related activities? In a sense, such dependence should be expected from an interconnected world that has produced a global economy transcending across physical borders. What is the role of Internet activity in our everyday life?

The IoT

internet of things

For those who are not familiar with it, the IoT or the Internet of Things represents the internetworking of various physical devices or sometimes referred to as smart devices. This can include buildings, vehicles, and other embedded electronics that allow these objects to collect and exchange data with each other.

Objects can be controlled or detected remotely with the help of the existing network infrastructure. What does this do? It delivers opportunities to have a direct interaction with the physical world with the help of computer-based systems. The expected result of course is increased accuracy, efficiency, and a lot of economic benefits with the elimination of human intervention. It is no wonder that businesses are paying close attention to it.

If you incorporate sensors and actuators, you take the technology to another level where smart grids, smart homes, and even smart cities come into the picture. The thing with this technology is that the embedded computer systems can easily interoperate with the existing infrastructure of the Internet leading to the projection that approximately 30 billion objects will be part of the IoT by 2020.

Deploying IoT

deploying iot

It is expected that the connectivity to be implemented by IoT will go farther than mere machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. A variety of domains, protocols, and applications will be covered by the embedded devices that will usher the automation of possibly every field of industry.

As far as Cisco Visual Networking Index is concerned, it believes that 46% of the connected devices by 2020 will be classified as M2M connections. This may be the reason why as high as 95% of business executives that have been surveyed revealed that they are prepared to launch their IoT businesses inside of 3 years.

In a study covering 1,845 decision makers in IT and businesses from the UK, India, and the United States, it was uncovered that 56% belonged to organizations that are already implementing or completely executing IoT initiatives. They believe that the data from IoT will drastically improve the standing of their respective businesses.

It is not surprising that 47% of the insights that can be gathered goes to the improvement of performance or product quality. Other areas that benefit from the IoT data are improvement of decision making as well as lowering of operational costs. The contribution of IoT has tremendous impact on the improvement or the creation of new relationships with customers aside from reduction of downtime and maintenance time.

IoT Success

iot success

As much as 35% of IT executives believe that IoT initiatives are comparatively more successful than line-of-business counterparts. It should be understood that there is a potential for a difference of opinion when it comes to the success of IoT initiatives. This is primarily because of the variance in focus where IT concentrates on technologies while the line-of-business is geared towards strategy and business cases.

However, by engaging the ecosystem of the partner in each project phase, the probability of success will dramatically improve. Strategic planning definitely is one of the most valuable phases where engagement should happen. There is also the area of deployment and implementation including technical support and consultation. Organizations that failed to focus on these phases have shown less probability of success.

By looking at the 26% of companies that have become successfully with their IoT initiatives, the best practices are identified as collaboration, internal and external partnerships, and strong focus on technology.

It is not surprising that around 60% find IoT projects complex to execute despite looking good on paper. This emphasizes the need for IT and line-of-business decision makers to have unified goals and objectives heading into IoT projects.

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