Simple Security Steps from Ransomware

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If you haven’t heard of it yet, the WannaCry ransomware has victimized more than 200,000 systems over 150 countries. That is quite scary right? The vulnerability of the Windows operating system was used to block computer access and lockout files. If your company was one of those hacked, are you prepared to defend against it? Do you have the necessary security protocols in place to ensure that your law firm or business will not be adversely affected? Well, if you are not quite sure, then you better read on.

Huge Repercussions

It is important to be aware that being victimized by a ransomware attack has huge repercussions especially if you are not prepared for it. It is inevitable that the computer systems around the world would be tightening their security mechanisms from now on. However, hackers will never stop so it is vital that all organizations keep up with them by strengthening their respective layers of protection for their precious data.

At the forefront of this battle should be the online security providers as well as the Cloud service providers. Customers rely on these organizations to help shield them against these types of damaging attacks. But, it is equal important to point out that every organization must be responsible for establishing their own security mechanisms, especially when you consider that most vulnerabilities are caused by careless users no matter how well protected you are.

This highlights the need to educate all consumers to be extremely vigilant in the security of their respective data. What are the security basics that your organization should lay down?

Simple Security Steps

In order to address the potentially dangerous and huge repercussions of WannaCry and other similar ransomware, there are some simple security steps that you can follow.

  • Password Refresh – let’s accept it, passwords remain as the first line of defense of computer systems. So it is vital that your user passwords should be refreshed regularly to protect your data. Make sure that passwords are strong and not easily associated with the user so avoid birthdays, name of family members, and other similarly common password preferences.
  • Data Encryption – by this time your organization or law firm should already have data encryption as part of your security protocols. This is one of the most effective ways to protect it. Even if your data is intercepted, it cannot be readily used because of the encryption protection. There are a variety of encryption programs that can respond to your specific needs.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – this is an often overlooked but extremely effective layer of security to one of the most vulnerable access points of most networks, the email accounts. This security mechanism makes it more difficult for someone to sign into your email account without being notified of it. A message will be delivered to a secondary device of your choice with an access code that will allow you to get into your email account.
  • HTTPS for Browsers – this is a plugin that helps ensure that you are accessing only the most secure websites online and protects your from surveillance and various forms of hacking. This helps to ensure that your web browsers are not used as an entry point of ransomware.

These are simple steps that can bring dramatic results in terms of the level of security that you have in your law firm. Although most of the ransomware attacks have been contained, it is better to be prepared rather than be caught unaware.

There is no question that the data of every organization or law firm is one of its greatest assets so there is no reason why extra precaution should not be taken.

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