The Convenience Cloud Computing Offer for Your Business

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Are you thinking of going into public Cloud? Yes, it delivers the increased efficiency, agility, overall scalability, and productivity that private Cloud can, but is it worth it to expose your valuable data to potential threats? Well, for those who still believe that the Cloud remains less secure than onsite computing networks, then they are obviously missing the point. Is it really riskier not being in the Cloud?

Hand On Computing

In this advanced age of technology, it is hard to believe that there are still those who feel more secure if they can see and feel their computing devices. The notion of if I can see it, then I can secure it is no longer sound.

The reality is that public Cloud computing environments are significantly more secure and safer than any in-house computing network. The Cloud service providers also have highly trained and more experienced staff that are focused on security instead of business-centric IT requirements.

The powerful tools used by the Cloud providers are highly specialized that it allows them to constantly and simultaneously monitor multiple computing systems so that they can identify anomalies and immediately respond to potential threats. The auditing process of service providers is likewise extensive and rigorous, something that no legacy system can compare with.

Now, if you think that your in-house system can stand up to all of these, then maybe you should be a Cloud service provider.

Improved Security

The implementation of improved security happens immediately on day one. The moment that you go into the Cloud the unspotted and unabated intrusions into your network stop. The great thing with Cloud security is that it is backed by large-scale investments to ensure that security sensitive processes like process automation, and critical log information are in place.

There are no in-house computing networks that can currently compare with the combination of security protocols that Cloud service providers deliver. Where does the unparalleled security environment of Cloud providers come from? This can be attributed to the vast number of integration and solutions partners that they have. So basically, they are better equipped to meet security challenges head on.

The improved security can also be linked to visibility that allows service providers to look into account usage, infrastructure management, service and network activities, and user behavior. For an in-house network, this is not only difficult to develop, but also extremely expensive to implement and maintain.

Dealing with Threats

If you are not in the Cloud, you will have a more difficult time to deal with known and unknown threats. What is the difference of being in the Cloud? Two things, asset configuration and asset behavior.

With asset configuration, you will have the information needed to consistently configure resources, devices, policies, and others to get your expected results based on best practices that address common vulnerabilities and problems.

Asset behavior on the other hand helps you to cope with problems like user misbehavior, stolen credentials, and software vulnerabilities among others. The right instrumentation and vulnerability gives you an insight into specific behavior of resources.

Endpoint Modeling Advantage

What is endpoint modeling? It is a type of technology that automatically discovers roles and behaviors of the Cloud resources as it is tracked continuously in an attempt to detect risks and threats. Real-time alert will be generated once an abnormal or unexpected act is uncovered.

This gives security professionals the heads up to investigate to verify whether a threat is legitimate and take the necessary remedial actions. A software model is used from structured data feeds provided by the Cloud vendor.

The endpoint modeling forms part of a comprehensive visibility layer for user behavior, account usage, infrastructure management, and network activity among others. Compared to in-house networks, achieving similar levels of visibility is almost outright impossible.

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