Types of Cloud Computing for Businesses

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Did you know that there are Cloud computing solutions that will allow businesses to send expensive IT resources to the Cloud? Choosing the right solutions over the numerous options becomes critical for businesses to ensure that they are not overwhelmed. So, what are the types of Cloud computing business solutions should you be aware of and how can you integrate them into your business technology?

Web-Based Solutions

The focus of these services is to give your business the ability to choose from the various web functions available instead of utilizing full-blown applications. There are different languages out there that can be used over a protocol backbone and be integrated into the other functional parts of your business.

Let’s say you have web-based payroll and accounting services for your business. These will give your business the ability to choose an assortment of web applications that you can use. Your business can have the flexibility of choosing individual services from multiple providers that can be used together with any existing services.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This is the most commonly used Cloud computing service because it allows for multiple users to gain access to specific applications. There are many SaaS solutions that can be used based on a monthly subscription fee. This service is seen as a complete solution, which is owned and managed by certain IT service providers. The solutions are designed to optimize the daily operations of businesses.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This is one of the more desired Cloud services because it contains all the basic necessities to access network functions, dedicated hardware, virtual machines, and storage spaces. The technologies will be the foundation for the entire business operation, which can include other Cloud-based services like SaaS.

IaaS providers can allow businesses to outsource infrastructure requirements like storage spaces, backup, and space required for testing among others. Your business may also access virtual networks, message queues, and service buses as well.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

As a Cloud service, it includes the operating system and hardware that is required by businesses to be able to deploy and manage applications. It gives the flexibility of planning, managing, maintaining, and procuring solutions to increase the efficiency of the business. Keep in mind that PaaS should be deployed together with IaaS to have a platform that can manage your IT infrastructure. Developers will be able to create and deploy solutions faster and easier.

Deployment Solutions

What Cloud computing solution do you think is right for your business? Do you have an idea of the options available to you? Let’s take a look.


These Cloud solutions are considered as complete deployments because they contain all the applications and services needed by businesses. If you choose hosted Cloud, you can be assured that all the applications are readily available. New applications may be developed either on a low- or high-level structure. This type of Cloud solution is completely managed, maintained, and owned by managed service providers that ask for monthly subscription payments.


This deployment involves the combination of on-site infrastructures that make use of hosted applications. This means that this would be a good choice if you only need to migrate slowly to the Cloud. If you already have the existing infrastructure, this is possibly the best way that your business can grow and migrate to the Cloud without completely abandoning your current system.


Is this Cloud-based? Yes they are. This type of deployment makes use of virtualization and resource management tools, which are ingredients of private Cloud. This means that the resources offered are dedicated, unfortunately, not all the benefits of the Cloud are realized. The deployment is an excellent choice for setting up frontend interface that can be used by current and future clients using private portals.

No matter what your choice will be, the important thing to remember is that your business should be able to successfully leverage its resources using the chosen Cloud services. To make sure that you use these the right way, contact NexStep to get to know more about cloud computing benefits for your business.

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