What Is Really Leading Cloud Adoption in Business

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Have you ever heard about Cloud adoption? It is currently one of the biggest things that technology has brought us with companies of various sizes subscribing to its use. In fact, its amazing growth rate is a testament to the ongoing transition to Cloud computing. What is driving this adoption to the Cloud?

Technology Potentials

Currently, Cloud solutions and services are pegged as the second most invested technology. If the business community is correct in getting into the Cloud, then it is safe to say that this transformation will be a continued growth for the next couple of years.

But what is it that is driving companies to support this technological expansion? In simple terms, progress. The unbelievable potentials that Cloud technology brings to the table is obviously one of the most compelling reasons for the rapid growth of communications and Cloud computing.

Can you imagine the immense benefits of taking advantage of the freedoms and flexibility of the technology without having to invest in the required hardware? This is one of the reasons why on-site hardware investments are on the decline.

The emergence of mobile computing that has translated to tremendous support for the workforce is another contributing factor. There is immense power in allowing employees and even executives to work from multiple locations. This has redefined the meaning of going to work. The workforce is now capable of doing virtually anything from anywhere 24×7 with the help of mobile communications and virtual workspaces.

Work from Home

Technology now supports the ability to work from home; something that employers and employees truly appreciate. Based on a recent survey, as much as 43% of American employees are working remotely at one time or another. This figure represents a 4% increase from the figures in 2012. What has contributed to this increase? In part, it is the way that work has been redefined.

Today it is hard to distinguish where work begins or ends due to the functionality of mobile computing that allows employees to remain reachable even when they are outside the physical office space. There is so much truth to the statement that we bring our work home with us. Whether we admit it or not, many of the white collar jobs are being done remotely. Even our lifestyle is now being defined by the work that we do.

Do you check your emails during weekends? Take business calls in the evening? All of these activities fit in to the definition of working remotely, regardless whether if it is a formal arrangement or not. Does this mean that employees are more receptive to working remotely? With the ease of communication and relaxation of the more traditional structures at work influenced by the technology, the ability to work from home seems to be a deciding factor for many employees on whether they are to continue on their current job or look for other opportunities.

Improved Efficiency

With employees pushing to work from home, the established business structures as well as policies are beginning to shift. Remote workers are seen to exhibit improved efficiency based on a survey where 30% of the respondents felt that they were able to get more work done.

The improved efficiency can also be traced to the reduced amount of stress that employees face. Perhaps this is because they are doing the same type of work but in a more relaxed atmosphere of their homes. This can translate to reduced employee turnover and boost in morale.

For any business, these are key assets that cannot be computed in terms of dollar values. Job attrition rates have also fallen below the 50% mark due to remote work options. This means that there is high profitability for businesses that support work from home structures.

It is expected that with the continued trend, the amount of remote workers in the United States by 2020 can reach as high as 100 million. Cloud communications is seen as a determining foundation on the success of this workplace transformation.

With the increased dependence on digital technology at home and in the workplace, the distinction between personal and professional life may become a blur.

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