Why Risk Losing Data When Cloud Computing is the Answer

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What is the price of losing your data? The answer to this question would be varied depending on the actual data that is lost. For a law firm for example, this would mean voluminous amounts of litigation and client information that may be too difficult to rebuild. And if this is the case, why should you take the risk? What can you do to prevent data loss?

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you aware that Cloud computing offers extensive and efficient backup and disaster recovery solutions? Regardless whether we are talking about your personal or professional life, tremendous amounts of data passes through your hands daily.

What is the value of the photos of your last vacation with your family? The video of your child’s first steps? If you haven’t backed up all of these, how can you relive those moments? This is but a simple example why protecting your data is extremely valuable. Some are a bit passive about the idea because of the perceived costs. But if the loss of data means the collapse of your company, wouldn’t the price of protecting your data be worth it?

Data Loss Consequences

It is not surprising that as many as 93% of companies that have lost their data for at least 10 days have become bankrupt within a year. As much as 50% of the businesses that do not have data management for about 10 days also faced bankruptcy. Get the picture yet?

To avoid the costly consequences of data loss, backup devices like magnetic tapes were used in the old days. These tapes were shipped to offsite storage and held on standby so they can be used for disaster recovery. The backup also has to be tested to make sure that it will be ready to work when needed. With all the processes involved, backing up data is not only expensive, but also complex.

This is why many don’t do it or those that have done it do not continue it for the long term. Did you know that 75% of companies fail in disaster readiness ratings? Imagine the amount of data that can be lost.

Better Solutions

Fast forward to today, there are better and easier solutions available to protect your valuable data. Backup as a Service (BaaS) is one example. It puts your data in the Cloud for better protection. The service provider assumes the responsibility of backing up the contracted data as well as providing the recovery mechanism in case of disaster.

This gives you the benefit of seamless recovery that can translate to virtually no downtime for your computing resources. The great thing about this is that even small and medium businesses can take advantage of this solution because it is quite affordable, yet extremely effective.

Backup Storage

When it comes to storage solutions, there are several options depending on the technology you want to use. The choice will determine the speed of data recovery and the amount you pay for the service. Faster storage solutions are obviously more expensive, but if you are dealing with older data, you can settle for slower services. This means you do not have to spend as much.

Aside from your data, you also need backups of your applications. Losing your applications can be equally devastating for your organization especially if you have tailor-fitted ones running on your system. You will encounter choices like Recovery as a Service (RaaS) or Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS). DRaaS can use the speed and cost effectiveness associated with Cloud computing to ensure the efficient data recovery of your business.

Cloud backup storage is quite simple as the provider delivers the necessary hosting and replication to initiate an automatic failover when natural or manmade disaster strikes. The great thing with Cloud computing is that the processes are carried out by computers and not machines so everything happens faster. Another immense benefit with this Cloud-based solution is that you only pay for the services that you use.

There are many application hosting website that can protect you from data loss but not every provider can bring the most innovation in security like Keyed Communications does. Contact Keyed Communications to keep your important data safe in the cloud.

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